Happy Friday!

Just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend on my first week online. Just when you thought you could rest your eyes for this weekend after viewing all this nice artwork, I got something for you. Find Wall-e. It’s not too hard. After you do find him, see if you can name every single robot in this picture! Click on the image to view it in full size. Happy hunting.
In fact if you can name them all, you can win this print. E-mail your answers to richard@hopewellstudios.com by August 31 and hope for the best! More detailed info HERE

“JAWS/Peanuts Mash-up” by Oily Boutique (3rd Edition)

Clever is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this print. Oily Boutique takes the mash-up concept, commonly seen done with popular music, and makes it into a visual concept. On top of that, it’s funny, well executed, and drawn very well. By popular demand, he is making a third version of his “JAWS/Peanuts” Mash-up. For those people that own the previous versions and are concerned about the value of their print, don’t worry. This pressing has “Third Printing” clearly marked on the bottom. Everyones edition sizes are still intact. This 3rd version has a run of 100, is signed and numbered, and cost $20. On sale now HERE

“Illuminated Alphabet” by Phlegm

This is really nifty and nice. I bet it’ll feel like old times when you are flipping through this 100% handmade book made of recycled, unbleached paper. Phlegm recently released his first handmade book consisting of stylish designs of each letter of the alphabet. 28 screen printed pages in different shades of blue. The cover is a four colour pattern design with a silver foil embossed ‘a’ on the front and ‘z’ on the back, with printed inside cover too. Edition size of 300. There are 2 versions, one with a colored cover (£8.50, $19.53 USD/shipping included), and a simple cover (£6.00, $15.29 USD/shipping included). On sale now HERE

Colored Version £8.50, $19.53 USD/shipping included

Simple Version £6.00, $15.29 USD/shipping included