Weekend Feature: “Heat Death” by Jeremy Geddes

Posters from the Past

During some weekends I’ll feature some notable prints long sold out and highly coveted. It’s prints like these that drive this hobby from a casual interest, into an absolute addiction. First up is “Heat Death” by Jeremy Geddes. Released in June 12, 2009, “Heat Death” was part of a series of Cosmonauts done by Geddes. And to this date, it is the “Holy Grail” piece for anything Geddes. It is a 11″ X 25″ Giclee print, with an edition size of 100. Original price $160. “Heat Death” did not sell out until late Feburary 2010. It’s amazing in retrospect now to look back and realize that it took nearly 8 months for this print to sell out. The fact that this print recently sold in an eBay auction for $2,205 (unconfirmed) really drives that point home now. However, neither points diminishes, or emphasizes this piece of art. It was ALWAYS a great piece. And now it is a classic.