“Love, Hate” by Unhuman

Unhuman has a new stencil piece titled, “Love, Hate”. Each (Blue or Black, Ed of 1 each) is hand sprayed with 4 and 5 colours. Signed and stamped, both come with COA and priced 100€ (134US),shipping including worldwide.Size is 500 mm x 700 mm.Also you will get it free stickers and post cards. On sale now HERE.

unhuman lovehateblue

"Love, Hate" by Unhuman. 500 x 700mm Stencil. Ed of 1 S/N. 100€ ($134US) Blue

unhuman lovehateblack

"Love, Hate" by Unhuman. 500 x 700mm Stencil. Ed of 1 S/N. 100€ ($134US) Black

Weekend Features: Sylvia Ji “Gilded Roses” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Gallery Openings/Exhibitions

ji gilded roses

Corey Helford Gallery is pleased to present Gilded Roses, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist Sylvia Ji. A study of “the ornamented being”, Ji embodies this beauty as a rose in her new collection, “Gilded Roses.” For the exhibition, Ji will unveil twelve new paintings inspired by western European costume designs and modern couture. Ji explains, “As a child I would revel in and devour all things related to historical costume; it is a passion of mine. Bygone eras of corsets, crinolines, explosions of lace, feathers, silks, satins, glinting jewels—all gilded to a state of heightened beauty and sartorial elegance.”

Each piece created for the exhibition is “a unique exploration into my fascination with the past and what we wore” Ji notes about the intricate patterns, fine textures, and historical silhouettes that define her subjects. Her signature red palette is highlighted by an assortment of jewel tones: deep crimsons, seductive purples and crisp emeralds with extensive use of gold leaf to accentuate each piece. Capturing the essence of the show is “Regina,” Ji’s Elizabethan style portrait of “a gilded rose heavily ornamented, but behind the veneer there is strength and power.”

The reception for “Gilded Roses” is open to the public and will take place on Saturday, December 17 from 7 to 10pm. The exhibition will be on view until January 14, 2012.

ji gilded roses 2