“Everyday Life” by Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash has another print ready for release this week titled “Everyday Life”. This is his 3rd release this week with “Dreamboats” and “Keep a Child Alive” being the other two. Perhaps his Artshow2011 exhibition is drawing closer to opening?

“Everyday Life” is a 22″ x 30″ 6-color Screenprint w/ deckled edges available in five color variants that are signed, numbered and thumb printed by the artist. Cost $250 each.
On sale Thursday, December 15th at 12pm PST HERE.

UPDATE: Due the their website server crashing, the sale of this print has be rescheduled to a later date. Stay tuned for details…
UPDATE 2: This print will go on sale today, Friday December 16th at 12pm PST HERE.

mr brainwash everyday life

"Everyday Life" by Mr. Brainwash. 22" x 30" 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N. $250 (5 color variants)

“The Spook Who Sat By The Door” by Iron Jaiden

Iron Jaiden has a cool new poster for the movie, “The Spook Who Sat by the Door” for sale. It is a 13″ x 24″ 3-color Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 73, and cost $25.
On sale now HERE.

***NOTE: Website states that the poster is 16″ x 24″. This is a misprint, the actual dimensions are 13″ x 24″.


"The Spook Who Sat By The Door" by Iron Jaiden. 13" x 24" 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 73 S/N. $25

“Moonstruck” by Grafter

Grafter has a new stencil print ready for release tomorrow titled, “Moonstruck”. It is a Hand Painted Limited Edition print on Somerset 300gsm Watercolour paper. Blindstamped, numbered and signed by the artist. Cost £110 ($170US).
On sale Wednesday, December 14th at 12pm GMT (4am PST) HERE.

grafter moonstruck

"Moonostruck" by Grafter. Hand Painted Limited Edition print. S/N. £110 ($170US)

“Keep a Child Alive” by Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash has created these limited edition prints titled “Keep a Child Alive” solely for Keep a Child Alive in the support of raising money and awareness for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. Keep a Child Alive funds life beyond the pills; we provide life-saving AIDS treatment, care, nutrition, support services and love to the mothers, fathers and children in Africa and India.

It is a 22″ x 30″ Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 125, and has a starting cost of $364. On sale now via eBay HERE.

***UPDATE: Looks like they are releasing them in batches of 10 each time on eBay via “keepachildalive123” seller. Note that the the price is increasing with each incremental sell of batches.

brainwash Keep a Child Alive

"Keep a Child Alive" by Mr. Brainwash. 22" x 30" Screenprint. Ed of 125 S/N. Starting cost of $364

“Warning Invader” by Invader

Invader has a new print set to be released later this week titled, “Warning Invader”. It is a 54 x 54cm embossed 3-color Screenprint, signed/numbered with an edition of 125, and cost £250 ($387US). There is also a silver variant available with an edition of 50 and cost £425 ($658US).
On sale Friday, December 16th at 7am PST HERE.

invader warning invader

"Warning Invader" by Invader. 54 x 54cm Embossed 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 125 S/N. £250 ($387US)

invader warning invader silver

"Warning Invader" by Invader. 54 x 54cm Embossed 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N. £425 ($658US) (Silver variant)

“Map of the World” by Owen Gatley

Owen Gatley has a new print titled “Map of the World” available via the fine folks over at tinyshowcase.com. It is a 19″ x 13″ 4-color Letterpress print, signed/numbered edition of 500, and cost $30. On sale now HERE.

gatley map of the world

"Map of the World" by Owen Gatley. 19" x 13" 4-color Letterpress. Ed of 500 S/N. $30

“Choke” by Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong has a new print available titled, “Choke” which is based off the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. It is an 18″ x 24″ 4-color Screenprint on 100lb Factory Green French Cover Paper. Signed/numbered edition of 200 and cost $30. On sale now HERE.

tong choke

"Choke" by Kevin Tong. 18" x 24" 4-color Screenprint. Ed of 200 S/N. $30

“Overkill” by Tomer Hanuka

Tomer Hanuka has a new book for sale titled “Overkill”. In it he has selected some of his most vividly drawn and intensely colorful work, juxtaposing intense imagery with a truly unique palette – filling the book’s 104 pages with intricate tales told through illustrations.

There is a limited edition version (Ed of 120) that includes an embossed cream slipcase, and inside the book is a limited edition Giclee print on archival fine art paper that cost $100 HERE. Or you can buy just the book for $19.77 from amazon.com HERE.

overkill hanuka

"Overkill" by Tomer Hanuka. Ed of 120. $100

hanuka overkill emboss
hanuka overkill print