“Det er en Slags Ting” by Mark Englert

Mark Englert is set for the release of his debut Screenprint and it’s a Grandslam! “Det er en Slags Ting” is a 12″ x 36″ 3-color Screenprint with a regular (Timed edition, $40) and a GID (Ed of 31, $70) edition. $13 for shipping in the US, $23 for international orders. The amount sold will determine the edition size of the regular.
These go on sale Sunday, March 4th sometime between 7am-9am PST HERE.

***This timed release sale will last for 31 hours from the moment of the drop.

englert Det er en Slags Ting

"Det er en Slags Ting" by Mark Englert. 12" x 36" 3-color Screenprint. Timed edition S/N. $40

englert Det er en Slags Ting gid

"Det er en Slags Ting" by Mark Englert. 12" x 36" 3-color Screenprint + GID ink. Ed of 31 S/N. $70 (GID variant, in the dark image shown)

PaleyFest 2012 posters from Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988 is back at the PaleyFest this year with posters available for 7 TV shows. Every year the Paley Center For Media here in Los Angeles produces almost two weeks of events, where your favorite TV show casts and crews get together to talk about the show and sometimes even premiere new episodes.

Gallery 1988 will be selling the posters at the event in the lobby of the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. Last year, they let people walk in to buy a poster if you were super nice, and waited for the chaos of entrance to calm down. Any remaining posters for each screening will be available online at Gallery 1988 for purchase the next day. Here are the dates and the corresponding artist line-up that Gallery 1988 is involved in:

March 2nd: American Horror Story by Daniel Danger
March 3rd: Community by Joshua Budich
March 6th: The Office by Jason Edmiston
March 7th: Sons of Anarchy by Phantom City Creative
March 10th: The Vampire Diaries by Jessica Deahl
March 13th: Mad Men by Jay Shaw
March 14th: Modern Family by Jeff Boyes

You can buy tickets still for these events, and check out the entire line-up, by CLICKING HERE. They also offer packages of different nights combined.

So far, 3 posters have been unveiled. Stay tuned for more!

danger american horror story

"American Horror Story" by Daniel Danger

budich community

"Community" by Joshua Budich

edmiston the office

"The Office" by Jason Edmiston