“Northbound” by Dan May

Dan May has a new print available titled, “Northbound” and it looks to be a step in a new artistic direction for him. It’s always good to see an artist explore the creativity that drives him. “Northbound” is a 17″ x 22″ Giclee, signed/numbered maximum edition of 75, and cost $50. On sale now for one week until next Wed. March 28th HERE.

***Image is NSFW, click on image to see it in full view:

May Northbound crop

"Northbound" by Dan May. 17" x 22" Giclee. Max edition of 75, S/N. $50

“The Life Aquatic” by Rich Pellegrino

Rich Pellegrino will have a new print later this week titled, “The Life Aquatic” via Spoke Art. It is part of an ongoing ‘Bad Dads’ series of works in tribute to Wes Anderson. “The Life Aquatic” is an 18″ x 24″ Giclee, signed/numbered edition of 200, and cost $50.
On sale Friday, March 23rd at 3pm PDT HERE.

Pellegrino the life aquatic

"The Life Aquatic" by Rich Pellegrino. 18" x 24" Giclee. Ed of 200 S/N. $50