“Toy Story” by Tom Whalen (Mondo release)

Tom Whalen’s latest poster from Mondo is Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story” It is a 24″ x 36″ Screenprint, numbered edition of 540, and cost $50.
On sale Thursday, May 10th at a random time HERE.

whalen toy story

"Toy Story" by Tom Whalen. 24" x 36" Screenprint. Ed of 540 N. $50

***In addition, tickets will be available tomorrow through the Alamo Drafthouse website for a special outdoor screening at Austin’s Park and Pizza. The show is on May 31st (limited reserves of Whalen’s “Toy Story” posters will be available) and tickets will be available HERE.

Breaking Bad Posters!

At breakinggifs.com, what started out as a website having humorous gifs of AMC’s Breaking Bad (the best show on television!), seems to have morphed into a platform for providing some really cool Breaking Bad related art. Not too much is known right now, but follow their website closely (and their Twitter) for hints where each week, the site should take you to a URL where you can acquire some art. Good luck!


UPDATE: And so it begins…
URL Link #1: http://thisaintchemistrythisisart.com/bg/page/

The first poster is “My Name Is Walter Hartwell White” by Daniel Danger!
It should go on sale sometime today, Thursday May 10th at a random time HERE.

"My Name Is Walter Hartwell White" by Daniel Danger. 12" x 36" Screenprint. Ed of 300 S/N. $50

From the website:

As we approach the new season of “Breaking Bad,” to celebrate and honor a show truly kept alive by its fan community, 16 of the top artists and graphic designers have been commissioned to create screenprints depicting some of the series’ most memorable scenes, characters and shocking moments. These screenprints are hand-pulled, each its own individual work of art, in an edition of just 300, with only 200 available to the public through this project. Once the edition is sold out, they will never be printed again. Breaking Bad is hands down one of the the best shows on television, if not the best, and what better way to celebrate the show than with these affordable, and very limited, art pieces for your walls.

“Business/Personal, Next Level” by Ramsey Dau

Ramsey Dau has a new print titled “Business/Personal, Next Level” via Poster Child Prints. It is a 16″ x 20″ 1-color Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 90, and cost $90.
On sale now HERE.


"Business/Personal, Next Level" by Ramsey Dau. 16" x 20" Screenprint. Ed of 90 S/N. $90

“They All Float” by Mark Englert

Mark Englert’s latest print is titled, “They All Float” and this is the one that will haunt you in your dreams! It is a 12″ x 24″ 4-color + GID ink Screenprint, with a regular (Ed of 120, $50), Sketch variant with a sketch of your choice (Ed of 50, $80), and a Hand-finished w/ dripping blood variant (Ed of 30, $100).
On sale Saturday, May 12th sometime between 10-11am PDT HERE.
***More detailed pics to come, stay tuned…

englert they all float

"They All Float" by Mark Englert. 12" x 24" 4-color + GID ink Screenprint. Regular (Ed of 120 S/N, $50) : Sketch variant (Ed of 50 S/N, $80) : Blood variant (Ed of 30 S/N, $100)

englert they all float detail
englert they all float gid

In the dark


Some sketch samples:

New posters by P-shinobi

P-shinobi is the artist over at Boomslank; an online website with a focus on Anime Pop Culture and they are creating some really cool original anime-themed art. Recently they got into releasing posters and here are their 2 latest ones. Great stuff! “Long Distance” and “Pisces” are both 18″ x 24″ Offset prints and cost $15 each. They also sell great looking T-shirts for $25 and iPhone cases for $40. On sale now HERE.

P-shinobi pisces

"Pisces" by P-shinobi. 18" x 24" Offset. $15

P-shinobi pisces 1
P-shinobi long distance

"Long Distance" by P-shinobi. 18" x 24" Offset. $15

P-shinobi long distance 1