“Baroness, Black Swan” 2012 Tour Poster by Aaron Horkey & John Baizley (Red variant)

Burlesque just released the red variant version of the “Baroness, Black Swan” 2012 Tour poster by Aaron Horkey & John Baizley. It is an 18″ x 24″ 6-color Screenprint, signed/numbered (by Baizley) edition of 139, and cost $50. On sale now HERE.

horkey baizley baroness black swan

"Baroness, Black Swan" 2012 Tour by Aaron Horkey & John Baizley. 18" x 24" 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 139 S/N. $50 (Red variant)

“Jack White, Nashville TN 2012” (Triple Decker Poster) by Matthew Jacobson & Bryce McCloud

Thirdmanrecords.com announced today of news of a Jack White “Triple Decker Poster” for his show at The Ryman in Nashville TN. In essence, the Triple Decker Poster is 3 separate Jack White gig posters that when put together, reveals a new image. Pretty neat yea? Here’s details from their website:

The Triple Decker Poster was created, designed and printed by Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud using techniques from both the 15th AND 21st Centuries. It’s composed of three separate posters that when combined create an all new poster on it’s own… It’s kind of a ‘fourth wall’ inter-dimensional type thing and you’re going to want one, two, or all three of these posters. If you haven’t already, go to the main page now and see how these posters look, and work together.

THE BLACK POSTER which features a peacock and vulture egg is letterpressed with metallic silver and blue. Jack’s logo is laser cut out on the lower right.

THE WHITE POSTER is entirely laser cut, no ink has touched the page. It has a peacock cut out of it as well as Jack White’s actual signature/autograph. The logo, is also cut out of the lower right.

THE BLUE POSTER is entirely laser cut as well. It has a vulture cut out of it and Jack’s logo in the lower right.

When all three posters are put together it creates Jack’s profile and the logo in the lower right is in three colors (one color from each poster).

THE WHITE & BLUE POSTERS will be for sale at The Ryman (75 of each per show)
THE BLACK POSTER will only be for sale here at Third Man today starting at 3pm and tomorrow (75 on Tuesday, 75 on Wednesday).

***So it seems that only those in Nashville TN are gonna be able to pick these up for now, lucky folks in TN!

jack white triple decker posters

"Jack White, Nashville TN 2012" (Triple Decker Posters) shown separately

jack white triple decker posters assembled

"Jack White, Nashville TN 2012" (Triple Decker Posters) shown assembled

“Daytrader” art print by Daniel Danger

Danger Danger recently created the album cover image for Daytrader’s Twelve Years, and there is an art print available for this image! I’m honestly not fully sure of the size (maybe 12″ x 24″) but it is a 6-color Screenprint with a limited edition of 150. Cost is $10! Deal of the day! On sale now HERE.

danger daytrader 1

"Daytrader" by Daniel Danger. 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 150. $10

***NOTE: Daniel Danger is planning on releasing a larger, more elaborate art print of this image via his shop sometime soon (stay tuned for more info on this). So you may want hold out for that one instead. But for $10 for this current version, hmmmm…why not? 🙂

“The Great Escape – The Black Keys, Calgary AB 2012” by James Flames

James Flames will have his gig poster for The Black Keys titled “The Great Escape” available later today. It is an 18″ x 24″ 5-color Screenprint and is a signed/numbered edition of 250. On sale Tuesday, May 15th at 9am PDT HERE.

flames the great escape the black keys calgary ab 2012

"The Great Escape - The Black Keys, Calgary AB 2012" by James Flames. 18" x 24" 5-color Screenprint. Ed of 250 S/N.