Phone Booth Gallery presents: “A Distant Winter” – featuring Ken Taylor, Martin Ansin and Rich Kelly

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phone booth gallery a distant winter

Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, CA is proud to present “A Distant Winter,” a three-person exhibition of work by Ken Taylor, Martin Ansin, and Rich Kelly, each of whom will contribute a series of limited edition prints, and original paintings.

The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, June 23rd from 7-10pm. This all-ages event will take place at Phone Booth Gallery’s exhibition space, 2533 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803. All three artists will be in attendance. The exhibition will remain on view through July 24, 2012, at both the exhibition space and on Stay tuned for info on online sale…

***UPDATE: Any remaining prints is set to go online on Sunday, June 24th at a random time HERE.
***UPDATE 2: Prints and artwork are now for sale. Please note that they are for sale in “Exhibition” section and NOT the “Prints” section as originally stated.

phone booth gallery a distant winter 1
phone booth gallery a distant winter 2
phone booth gallery a distant winter 3
phone booth gallery a distant winter 4

“Whispered Truths and a Long Awaited Ascension” by Melissa Forman

Melissa Forman has a new print ready for release this week titled, “Whispered Truths and a Long Awaited Ascension” via 1xRUN. It is a 12″ x 22″ Giclee, signed/numbered edition of 50, and cost $75. On sale Tuesday, June 19th at 9am PDT HERE.

forman Whispered Truths and a Long Awaited Ascension

"Whispered Truths and a Long Awaited Ascension" by Melissa Forman. 12" x 22" Giclee. Maximum edition of 50 S/N. $75

New prints by Sarah Joncas & Caia Koopman

This past weekend, Sarah Joncas & Caia Koopman had an exhibition titled Between Wind and Water at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA. Along with original pieces of art available were prints from each artist. “Decadance and Despair” by Sarah Joncas and “Endangered” by Caia Koopman. See pics below for details. The remaining prints will be available online on Monday, June 18th around 2-3pm PDT HERE.

joncas Decadance and Despair

"Decadance and Despair" by Sarah Joncas. 18" x 18" Giclee. Ed of 25 S/N. $100

koopman Endangered

"Endangered" by Caia Koopman. 16" x 19" Giclee. Ed of 30 S/N. $100