New prints by Fursy Teyssier

A reader pointed me to the artwork of Fursy Teyssier and for that I’m very grateful as I really admire his work. He is a multi-talented instrumentalist for the band Les Discrets, and an animator, illustrator & designer based in France. Below are some prints of his artwork available. Check it out! Though I can’t tell what technique printing is used on these, I’ll try and update that info later. On sale now HERE.

Teyssier amesoeurs

"Amesoeurs" by Fursy Teyssier. 420 x 594mm print. Ed of 400 S/N. €29 ($35US)

Teyssier Septembre et ses dernières Pensées

"Septembre et ses dernières Pensées" by Fursy Teyssier . 420 x 594mm print. Ed of 250 S/N. €19 ($23US)

New prints by Dscreet

Dscreet has 2 new prints available titled, “Beginning To See The Light” and “Love That Never Dies” via Prescription Art. Each print is a 70 x 50cm 2-color Screenprint with GID inks, signed/numbered edition of 50 and 40 respectively, and cost £100 each ($156US).
On sale now HERE.

Dscreet  Beginning To See The Light

"Beginning To See The Light" by Dscreet. 70 x 50cm 2-color Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N. £100 ($156US)

Dscreet  Love That Never Dies

"Love That Never Dies" by Dscreet. 70 x 50cm 2-color Screenprint. Ed of 40 S/N. £100 ($156US)

“Limbo” by Decay

Belgium based artist Decay is delighted to announce his first ever limited edition print release, entitled “Limbo”. The print is available as a very limited edition of just 15 (plus 3 A/P`s). Each print will vary as the images are taken from one large piece, the prints will be selected at random making each one unique. They are printed on high quality paper in A3 format, with each one being signed and numbered by Decay.
On sale Sunday, July 22nd at at 20:00 UK time (12pm PDT) HERE.

decay limbo

"Limbo" by Decay. A3 Giclee. Ed of 15 S/N. £19.99 ($31US)

“A Place To Bury Strangers, Columbus OH 2012” by Miles Tsang

Miles Tsang’s electrifying gig poster for “A Place To Bury Strangers, Columbus OH 2012”. Many thanks to the reader that referred me to his art. Great stuff. Guitar geeks will also recognize that the Fender Jaguar is one of the coolest guitars ever made. It is a 19″ x 25″ 2-color Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 50, and cost $20. On sale now HERE.

tsang A Place To Bury Strangers, Columbus OH 2012

"A Place To Bury Strangers, Columbus OH 2012" by Miles Tsang. 19" x 25" 2-color Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N. $20

“Jane” by Frank Kozik

The 12th poster for the Breaking Bad poster series is “Jane” by Frank Kozik. It is an 18″ x 24″ Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 300 (200 available), and cost $50.
On sale sometime soon today Friday, July 20th at a random time HERE.

kozik jane

"Jane" by Frank Kozik. 24" x 18" Screenprint. Ed of 300 S/N. $50

***There will be a poster (or more) each week (16 artists total) up until the premier of the new Breaking Bad season. Enjoy! Check as the main hub for all of things Breaking Bad posters related.

“Blink-182, 20th Anniversary” by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins created this poster for this month in an ongoing series of ‘Blink-182, 20th Anniversary’ posters to celebrate the bands 20 years together. Don’t know the full specs of this Screenprint other than it is limited to 182 and goes on sale today, Friday July 20th at a random time HERE.

simkins Blink-182, 20th Anniversary

"Blink-182, 20th Anniversary" by Greg 'Craola' Simkins