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Summer Camp at the Hollywood Set by Jake Standley

Portland’s historic Hollywood theater commissioned Jake Standley to produce three posters for their summer run of the iconic slasher movies – Sleepaway Camp, Friday the 13th, and The Burning. The result was a series of (3) 2-color Screenprints printed on black paper, with silhouettes of the three killers that glow in the dark. Twenty of the run of 40 were sold at the showings, and the remaining 20 sets are available at the artist’s store for $50 per set of three. On sale now HERE.

standley Summer Camp at the Hollywood Set

Summer Camp at the Hollywood Set by Jake Standley. (3) 13″ x 19″ 3-color Screenprints w/ GID. Ed of 40. $50

In the dark

In the dark

“Phish – Worcester, MA 2013” by James R Eads

Here is James R Eads gig poster that he created for Phish’s Worcester, Massachusetts shows on 10/25 & 10/26. It is an 18″ x 24″ Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 700, and cost $50. Available at the show and he will have very limited quantities available online. Online sale on Tuesday, October 29th at 6pm PDT HERE.

eads Phish - Worcester, MA 2013

“Phish – Worcester, MA 2013″ by James R Eads. 18″ x 24” Screenprint. Ed of 700 S/N. $50

“Cake – Santa Cruz, CA 2013” by Chuck Sperry

Here is Chuck Sperry’s gig poster for the Cake show in Santa Cruz, CA tonight. It is a 20.25″ x 33″ 5-color Screenprint and is a signed/numbered edition of 300. Available at the show tonight. Online sale on Saturday, October 26th at a random time HERE.

sperry Cake - Santa Cruz, CA 2013

“Cake – Santa Cruz, CA 2013″ by Chuck Sperry. 20.25″ x 33” 5-color Screenprint. Ed of 300 S/N.

Art books from Titan Books

Titan Books has released alot of great art/pop-art related books this year. Recently made available are Gallery 1988s Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2 which chronicles the G1988’s collection of cult movie-inspired artwork in great detail. Features amazing art inspired by movies such as A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Ghostbusters, Fight Club and many, many more. It is a 9” x 12 1/4” 176 page Hardback cover book and has color artwork all throughout. On sale now HERE and HERE

titan books gallery 1988


Also back is Great Showdowns: The Return, a hardback collection from acclaimed artist Scott Campbell, chronicling some of the greatest confrontations in movie history. It is a 6 3/4 “ x 6 3/4” 144 page Hardback cover book in full color detail. On sale now HERE and HERE

titan books scott campbell great showdowns the return


Another great Titan Book release this year is Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz, collecting together 80 movie-style posters, one for each and every episode of Star Trek: The Original Series by Juan Ortiz. The images feature retro-style art that recalls 1960s-era posters, pulp novel covers, comic books and advertisements. A must for any Star Trek fan. It is a 10 1/4” x 14 1/3” 112 pages Hardcover book in full color detail. On sale now HERE and HERE

titan books juan ortiz star trek

“The Artifact” by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins has a new print available titled, “The Artifact”. It is a 36″ x 30″ Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas, signed/numbered edition of 15 (+5 APs), and cost $1,025 (APs $1,050). On sale now HERE.

simkins the artifact

“The Artifact” by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. 36″ x 30″ Giclee on canvas, hand-embellished. Ed of 15 (+5APs) S/N.

“Universal Classic Monsters” 10-Print Folio by Tom Whalen

Dark Hall Mansion continues their Universal Monsters series done this time by artist Tom Whalen. It will be initially available via a lottery. Each Folio contains TEN 18″ x 24″ individually numbered Screenprints (8 individual prints + one very special 2-print diptych). There will be 230 Folios in the Standard Edition ($350) run and 70 Folios in the Variant Edition ($450) run.

Half of the folios will be sold by Dark Hall Mansion and half by eMoviePoster.com. Details on how to enter below. Keep an eye on their Facebook for more reveals throughout the week.


whalen frankenstein

whalen bride of frankenstein

whalen the mummy

whalen the wolfman

whalen the invisible man

whalen dracula

Lotto: Send them an email at: info@darkhallmansion.com or HERE through eMovieposter anytime through next Tues’ closing at 5 PM PST with “Whalen Standard” or “Whalen Variant” in the subject line per your choice of Folio.

-Next day, Wed Oct 30, at 9 AM PST the lotto winners are notified and have till 12 PM PST to complete their purchase.

-At Noon PST, any remaining Folios offered to winners of a second chance lotto for those not picked on the first go-round. Winners notified and have an hour to pay. Rinse/repeat till edition’s sold out.

Stephen Hawking’s Time Travellers Invitation: Limited Edition Print

Created by Peter Dean with the approval of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, this poster is part of a real time-travel experiment.

Professor Hawking devised an ingeniously simple experiment to prove whether time travel to the past was possible. He held a reception for time travelers, but didn’t publicize it until after it had happened. This way, only those who could travel back in time would be able to attend. The success of this experiment depends entirely on the invitation poster being seen by time travelers.

It is a 16″ x 20″ Letterpress print available on black or white paper, each editions of 100 and cost £140 and £140 respectively. Open edition Screenprint versions are available as well. On sale now HERE.

Stephen Hawking's Time Travellers Invitation black

Stephen Hawking’s Time Travellers Invitation. 16″ x 20″ Letterpress. Ed of 100. £140 ($226US) (black)

Stephen Hawking's Time Travellers Invitation white

Stephen Hawking’s Time Travellers Invitation. 16″ x 20″ Letterpress. Ed of 100. £100 ($162US) (white)

“I’m hoping copies of it in one form or another will survive for many thousands of years. Maybe one day someone living in the future will find the information and use a wormhole time machine to come back to my party, proving that time travel will, one day, be possible.” – Stephen Hawking