New prints by Jacob Bannon

Jacob Bannon has 2 new prints available titled, “The Golden Ghost” and “Garden of Grief”. The latter print is available in 2 size options. See below for details. On sale now HERE.

bannon the golden ghost

“The Golden Ghost” by Jacob Bannon. 24″ x 24″ Giclee. Limited edition. $100

bannon garden of grief

“Garden of Grief” by Jacob Bannon. Giclee. 24″ x 24″ $100 : 36″ x 36″ $200

“Bottlerock Music Festival – Napa Valley, CA 2014” by Marq Spusta

Direct from Marq Spusta:

A new poster for the Bottlerock Music Festival in Napa Valley is going to be be made available this week. The Bottlerock poster is an 18″ x 24″ 5-color screen print, and the red artist edition of 80 will be released in the Shop sometime tomorrow (6/18) after 2pm PST, and some inventory will be held back until a bit later in the evening for those with commitments during the first release.

There will also be a few Silver (ed. of 20) and Gold (ed. of 15) variants available in the Shop at random times before the release of the AE. We ask customers to limit themselves to one of those two variants, not counting the red AE. (Inventory is very limited, prices will be AE – $70, Silver – $140, Gold – $170)

On sale Wednesday, June 18th after 2pm PDT HERE.

spusta Bottlerock Music Festival - Napa Valley, CA 2014

“Bottlerock Music Festival – Napa Valley, CA 2014″ by Marq Spusta. 18″ x 24” 5-color Screenprints.

“Giving Tree” by Tekst

Tekst print for this week titled, “Giving Tree” is now available. This design was created by warping/twisting/distorting the entire set of text from Shel Silverstein’s iconic book “The Giving Tree”. It is a 13″ x 20″ Letterpress, signed/numbered limited edition, and is available for this week at a discounted price. Each Five Spot Derby begins at just $5. Every five prints that sell drive up the price of the piece by $5. On sale now HERE.

tekst giving tree

“Giving Tree” by Tekst. 13″ x 20″ Letterpress. Limited edition S/N.

4 new gig posters by Status Serigraph

Status Serigraph will have 4 new gig posters for Cake, Andrew Bird, Jackie Greene & Rich Robinson, and his Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival available soon. Full details on the drop. On sale Wednesday, June 18th sometime between 2-3pm Eastern (11am-12pm PDT) HERE.

status serigraph cake

2 new gig posters by Charles Crisler

Charles Crisler now has Ray LaMontagne and The Avett Brothers gig posters available. They are both 18″ x 24″ 4-color Screenprints, signed/numbered edition of 200, and cost $30 each. On sale now HERE.

crisler Ray LaMontagne - Indianapolis, IN 2014

“Ray LaMontagne – Indianapolis, IN 2014″ by Charles Crisler. 18″ x 24” 4-color Screenprint. Ed of 200 S/N. $30

crisler The Avett Brothers - Indianapolis, IN 2014

“The Avett Brothers – Indianapolis, IN 2014″ by Charles Crisler. 18″ x 24” 4-color Screenprint. Ed of 200 S/N. $30

“Ray LaMontagne – Rochester Hills, MI 2014” by Robert Lee

Methane Studios now has “Ray LaMontagne – Rhochester Hills, MI 2014″ gig posters available. It is an 18″ x 24” 3-color Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 150, and cost $30. On sale now HERE.

methane studios Ray LaMontagne - Rhochester Hills, MI 2014

“Ray LaMontagne – Rochester Hills, MI 2014″ by Robert Lee. 18″ x 24” 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 150 S/N. $30