Weekend Features: Painting a Snake in One Brush Stroke

It’s An Art World

With a single paint stroke, an artist manages to paint a snake. Watching this being done and a snake appearing right before my eyes was really cool. I kept thinking that this was an illusion of some sorts, or that the artist was going to run out of ink halfway through. But the end result was a snake in a shape of “2013”. The Year of the Snake!

Weekend Features: Sculptures made out of beer cans

It’s An Art World

Japanese artist Macaon takes the ubiquitous discarded aluminum can and turns it into art. It’s really crafty how he uses the actual labels of the cans as the color for each corresponding character he creates. Definitely check out his website for much more canned creations. This guy must drink alot. Who woulda thought that the empty beer can had other uses other than smashing into your drunken forehead? 😉

macaon vader

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Weekend Features: Andy Warhol inspired limited edition Campbell’s Soup cans

It’s An Art World

warhol campbells soup

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Andy Warhol’s iconic “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans”, Target is featuring limited edition Warhol-inspired Campbell’s Soup cans. Sold exclusively at Target and produced with the approval of (and a license from) The Andy Warhol Foundation, they will cost 75 cents each and will be available in stores starting Sunday, September 2nd. I wonder how many will actually be consumed and how many will end up on display next to your Warhol reproduction print? 😉

warhol campbells soup 1
warhol campbells soup 2
warhol campbells soup 3
warhol campbells soup 4

Weekend Features: Green Pedestrain Crossing – Creating artwork with your feet sends a message

It’s An Art World

Jody Xiong of DDB China and the China Environmental Protection Foundation footed (pun intended) a campaign that creatively and artistically sends a message on the environmental benefits of walking versus driving. Large white canvases with the image of a bare tree were layed out on 132 crosswalks in 15 cities across China with some fresh green paint at the edges of each side. As each pedestrian crossed the street, they picked up a bit of green paint on the soles of their shoes and transferred their footprint onto the canvas. Like leaves on a tree. In the end, the total number of pedestrians that participated exceeded 3,920,000 people. After the campaign, the print was exhibited at the Shanghai Zheng Da Art Museum. Wonderful idea!

Green Pedestrain Crossing 1
Green Pedestrain Crossing 2
Green Pedestrain Crossing 3
Green Pedestrain Crossing 4
Green Pedestrain Crossing 5
Green Pedestrain Crossing 6
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Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” recreated with dominoes

It’s An Art World

flippycat starry night 1

Professional domino builder, Flippycat recreated Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” from just over 7,000 dominos. And from the process video, it was not without it’s screw ups as well. However after many many hours of trial and error, the results is much like seeing a ‘live action’ version of Van Gogh’s classic masterpiece.

flippycat starry night

van gogh starry night

"Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh.

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Weekend Features: ‘Constellation’ series portraits made of thread and nails by Kumi Yamashita

It’s An Art World

New York artist Kumi Yamashita creates incredible portraits consisting of a single length of thread wound around nails in wood in a vastly varying in density, web-like pattern. This ongoing series is titled ‘Constellation‘, and I cannot even begin to image the planning and creative vision that goes into the creation of these pieces. Well done.

yamashita Constellation – Mana
yamashita Constellation – Mana 1
yamashita Constellation – Cy
yamashita Constellation – Cy 1
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