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11 thoughts on “About

  1. I check out your site at least once a day. The site’s ranges and themes are vast. I’m always amused with the products you have you offer. Furthermore, the up-to-date approach is innovative.
    ~Thank you for taking your time to create this eclectic and informative site.

    • Hey Steve,

      Sorry, I don’t have a mailing list currently. If anything does change and I set up one, I’ll let you know. For now, the best way to get the full updates of this website is to check in to the main page. Thanks for viewing!

  2. Clearly, 411posters.com is the “go-to” site for print and poster releases! Brett, thank you for providing such a great service to the community. I know my poster collection has blossomed by checking your site daily. Thanks again!

  3. Just wanted to check in to make sure you’re okay! Haven’t seen an update in a while, which is totally fine. Just wanted to check in since you’ve done so much for us, would like to know that you’re still doing okay!

    • Hey Todd!

      Thanks for checking in! In short, been super busy so I took a short break over the holidays and beginning of this year since it can be a bit slow then. Things are ramping up again in the art print world so I’m back at it again! Thanks for reading! -Jeff

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