“DMC-12” by Anville (stainless steel edition)

Few things scream the 80s more than a DeLorean and neon colors. And I mean that in a good way. Anville, through Nakatomi Inc, is releasing a very limited edition of his “DMC-12″ print. This edition will be on an 18″ x 24” slab of stainless steel. The same material the body of the DeLorean was made of! These will be made STRICTLY to order, and in an edition of NO MORE than 25 available from Nakatomi. The sale option expires at midnight CST on 8/24, or when all 25 copies are sold, whichever comes first. Price: $200. On sale now HERE

“Friendship & Support” by Shepard Fairey (variant)

At the request of the Harrison Foundation, Shepard Fairey is releasing a variant of his “Friendship & Support” print. It is an 18 x 24″ Screen Print, Signed and Numbered Edition of 450. It will cost $65 and will be released on Tuesday 8/23/2011 at a random time between 10am and 12pm PST HERE

Post sale info: This item went on sale at 1am PST. By 3am it is listed as “SOLD OUT”. Stay tuned though, there will likely be another release at 10am-12pm PST random time.

Post sale info 2: This item went onsale again at 10:30am PST and sold out in about 6 minutes

“The Harrow and the Harvest” by John Baizley

The multi-talented artist/musician, John Baizley is releasing a print based on his artwork done for Gillian Welch’s new album titled, “The Harrow and the Harvest”. It will be 22″ x22″, signed and numbered, with an edition size of 260. Cost $45. It goes on sale this Thursday August 18, at 12pm PST. Buy it HERE