“25 Years of Pixar” by Dave Perillo

Dave Perillo’s carefree youthful style perfectly suits the celebration of 25 years of Pixar. This upcoming print released by ACME Archives is an impressive 12″ X 36″ hand-numbered screenprint, with an edition size of 150. Cost $50. Will go on sale on a yet to be disclosed time on Friday, August 19th HERE

Post sale info 1: This item went on sale at 11:14am PST and sold out within a minute

Post sale info 2: This could still be for sale. Keep clicking on the “Add To Cart” button until it officially says its SOLD OUT on the webpage. Prints are trickling out little by little as people may be carting them and releasing them later. Good Luck!

“Tarot De Les Vicieux Paroliers” by Behold the Destroyer

Ghetto-fabulous would best describe a new set of 5 prints released by Behold the Destroyer. Each print features a prominent rap/R & B artist. They are 18″ X 24″ Giclee print, signed and numbered, and each with an edition size of 25. $100 each. Check them all out and buy them now HERE

The Chariot, Kanye West. Edition of 25. $100

The Empress, Nicki Minaj. Edition of 25. $100

“Swamp Thing” by Florian Bertmer

Gnarly would best describe Mondo’s latest upcoming movie print release of the 80s cult-classic, “Swamp Thing”. Its is a 24″ x 36″ hand numbered screenprint with an edition size of 230 and will cost $45. There is a variant edition of 90 which will feature metallic and GID inks and cost $80. Very cool. These posters will be for sale online at a random time on Friday, August 19th. Buy it HERE

Post sale info: These items went on sale at 8:46am PST, with the variant selling out first within a minute, followed by the regular edition a couple minutes later.

Regular Version. Edition size of 230. $45

Variant Version with Metallic and GID inks. Edition size of 90. $80