Weekend Features: “The Misunderstood” by Jeanne Donnadieu

It’s an Art World

Since it’s Labor Day Monday, I’ll cheat a bit and say it’s still the weekend. Recent news popped up that is causing a stirring to all Van Gogh fans. Apparently a painting surfaced a few weeks back that is supposedly a full portrait of none other than Vincent Van Gogh. You know the artist that did:

The painting was initially bought by a couple at an auction in France 18 months ago for 1,700 euros. When the couple first saw the painting they had their suspicions and took a risk and bid for it. This painting, signed by a relatively unknown artist named Jeanne Donnadieu titled the back of the painting “‘L’Incompris'” or “The Misunderstood”. Quite fitting for our famous artist yes? Since then they have contacted various experts in the art world in an attempt to confirm the identity of the man in the painting with many experts concluding that it was likely to be him. The most positive confirmation came when they dug a bit deeper about Donnadieu and found that she lived four doors away from Van Gogh. Wow!

They are still gathering more info but the painting is currently on display at The Abbey Walk Gallery. Check it out if you live nearby for a piece of art history! For more info check: HERE

"The Misunderstood" by Jeanne Donnadieu