2 new posters by Scrojo

Scrojo is set to release a pair of new posters this week based on the movie “The Big Lebowski” ($50) and the TV series “Party Down” ($75). These limited edition Screenprints go on sale this Thursday 9/8 @11am PST HERE.

"The Big Lebowski" by Scrojo. Limited Edition Screenprint. $50

"Party Down" by Scrojo. Limited Edition Screenprint. $75

“The Avett Brothers 2011” by Scott Avett

“Limited edition hand-made linoleum block print created by Scott Avett to commemorate The Avett Brothers 2011 tour. These prints were created one at a time, by a tedious and time consuming process of hand-carving the image into linoleum in reverse, which was then inked and pressed onto heavy, high quality paper stock. Each is hand numbered and signed by Scott.” Approximate measurements are 31″ x 62.5″. Cost $500. The size varies from print to print because each sheet was hand-pulled. Below is a vid that shows the painstaking process of making this print. Amazing! On sale now HERE.

"The Avett Brothers 2011" by Scott Avett. 31" x 62.5" hand-made linoleum block print . Limited Edition S/N. $500

“Hunnycide” & “After Wonderland” by Jboy

Artist Proofs (APs) of these sold out prints have been made available. They are both hilarious takes on classic Disney characters in very un-Disney like moments. They are both a 28 x 38 cm screenprints, with hand deckled edges. Making them begging to be mounted floating in a box frame. “Hunnycide” is £65.00 ($104US) and “After Wonderland” is £60.00 ($96US). On sale now HERE.

"Hunnycide" by Jboy. 28 x 38cm Screenprint. Artist Proof edition. £65.00($104US)

"After Wonderland" by Jboy. 28 x 38cm Screenprint. Artist Proof edition. £60.00 ($96US)