“Foo Fighters/Motorhead” Metal-stamped version by Emek (lottery)

Nothing screams Metal more than, well…metal! To commemorate the longtime hard-rockers The Foo Fighters, and Metal veterans Motorhead gig, Emek made a copper and aluminum stamped poster that is a must have. You only have a chance to get one via a lottery though. Here’s the 411:

“For our next sale we are doing a lottery system,
please take the time to read all the instructions below:

Pick a number between 1 and 100.

The first people who guess the correct number get a chance to purchase the poster. Be sure to email your guess to CONTEST@EMEK.NET.
Answers that are sent to our other email account will not be counted.
Put ONLY your number guess in the SUBJECT of your email and send to contest@emek.net
We will not open your emails, we will only look at the subject, so that is where you should put your number guess
– JUST THE NUMBER, nothing else.
You have from NOW until 12:00 Midnight tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 14th PDT to send in your guess – one time only please.
You might think these directions are simple and that I am repeating myself, repeating myself… but you would be surprised at how many nice people get this so wrong.
So, please, guess only one time, send to contest@emek.net, and please only put your guess as a number in the subject of the email.
thank you!
There were 100 posters stamped on copper and 90 stamped on aluminum, many went to the band so we have a limited amount of each to sell, therefore, the color metal you receive will also be a lottery – you wont know which one you get until it arrives – surprise!
The winners will be notified by Friday Sept. 16th with instructions for how to make a purchase. You will have until 12:00 Midnight Sunday Sept. 18th to make your purchase or we will move down the line of qualifying responses.
Both versions are $175 each plus $25 shipping and handling in the US and $35 outside the US.

Thank you and good luck!

"Foo Fighters/Motorhead" by Emek. Copper and Aluminum

“Trains of Thought” by multiple Artists.

Got trains on your mind? Any New Yorker subway traveler can probably relate to these works of street art, as ubiquitous as they were back in the days. Dirtypilot.com has curated a show involving multiple artists making their own original renditions of street art on an Giclee image of a subway train. The result is a diverse showing of colors and creativity:

“Graffiti on trains has always been a controversial medium, and this has certainly been one of the reasons that has made the form controversial and has brought such popularity to the movement. Although there have been many arguments about graffiti on trains, the train has been the medium of choice for the ‘Graffiti Writer’. It is something that has been a vital part of the New York transit history, that often is spoke about by many of those who have had the experience to witness the works displayed on the subway system of New York.
“Trains of Thought” has re- captured the true attitude of graffiti once again, by placing original art form on trains! An archival pigment print of a railcar placed on acid free museum quality paper was distributed out to numerous artists. Each artist then creates an original artistic rendition of whatever it is their ‘thoughts’ would take them. These ‘train cars’ are beautifully adorned with mixed mediums and have been creatively hand embellished by the most talented New York Graffiti masters of yesterday and today.

Each original work measures 36″ x 9″ and is a “Unique” work on paper.

The show runs thru Oct 12, 2011.”

On sale now HERE.

Revolt/Bode. Original Ink and Marker on Giclee Train

Cycle. Original Ink and Acrylic over Giclee Train

LSD Om. Original Ink and Marker over Giclee Train

T-Kid/SKE. Original Ink and Paint over Giclee Train

“Rise Above Rebel” by Shepard Fairey

New print by Shepard Fairey titled “Rise Above Rebel”. It is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, signed and numbered, with an edition size of 450, and cost $45. There may be a little confusion on the release date, but thus far it appears that they will go on sale on Thursday September 15th, at a random time between 9AM and 11am PST HERE.

Post sale info: This item went on sale 9:40am PST and sold out in a few minutes.

"Rise Above Rebel" by Shepard Fairey. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Ed of 450 S/N. $45

“Frankenstein” by Drew Struzan

Mondo had it’s “Mondo Mystery Movie” tonight at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, CA. And with a milestone achievement, they hooked up with legendary poster artist Drew Struzan and released the much anticipated “Frankenstein” screenprint. This print is a 15″ x 36″ 21-color Screenprint, with an edition size of 325, signed and numbered, and cost $285. The detail of this print is impressive and the number of colors is staggering. Only around 75 prints were sold tonight, and the remaining prints will likely go online for sale at a later undisclosed time.

The interview with Struzan and Justin of Mondo was entertaining and insightful, with Struzan coming off as sagacious, satirical, and witty. Yet kind, humbled and appreciative at the same time. My favorite quote of the night came from an audience question that asked him what his favorite poster of his was. Of which he answered:

“That’s a very difficult question. I guess that’s because people must live off their favorites. As a creator, I can’t do that. If I had a favorite, then I’d become redundant because I’d keep trying to repeat what I’d like best. So I always think the best one and my favorite, will be the next one…until the next one, and that keeps me growing and moving forward..”- Drew Struzan

Another interesting tidbit of info during the interview came when Struzan spilled the beans that he may be doing other pieces with Mondo in the future. Wow!

As for the movie, Frankenstein (1931), it was fun to revisit this Hollywood classic after being seasoned these days with modern cinema and its CGI-overdose. This 1931 version of Frankenstein is iconic and will always be associated with Hollywood during its early heydays.

After the movie, Justin updated us on the MMM showing in October (7,8,9) at the New Beverly. Tickets are $75 per ticket/movie, with 2 movies shown per day at around 7:00pm & 9:00pm intervals. Tickets are planned to go on sale on Tuesday, September 13 around 12pm-3pm PST somewhere HERE. Keep a close keep on Justin’s Twitter for more updates.

And now for a close look at the “Frankenstein” print:

"Frankenstein" by Drew Struzan. 15" x 36" 21-color Screenprint. Ed of 325 S/N. $285