“Amity Bound” by Danny Miller

We all know it’s been awhile in the making, but seeing this was worth the slight delay. “Amity Bound”, is a sizable 18″ x 31″ 10-color Screenprint, with an edition size of 150, signed and numbered to your door for $45 total. Great deal. There is also a GID variant with an edition of 50. They go on sale Thursday, September 22 HERE.

“Amity Bound is a print I’ve been wanting to do for along time. I worked closely with Jim Beller (jawscollector.com and JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard) to make sure I got the most accurate version of Bruce from the original movie.”

“This Movie impacted me more than any movie around and I wanted to capture the beast in all its form and do Bob Mattey and Joe Alves justice on what a great shark they created.” – Danny Miller”

Update: These popped up for sale on his site early unannounced. Get them while you can!

Miller Amity Bound

"Amity Bound" by Danny Miller. 18" x 31" 10-color Screenprint. Ed of 150 S/N. $45

Miller Amity Bound GID

"Amity Bound" by Danny Miller. GID variant. Ed of 50

New prints by Nate Duval

Two new prints released by Nate Duval gives you the option to have your print as a gig poster for the band Okkervil River, or just have a print with the image only. Nice. See more details in the pics below. On sale now HERE.

Duval Live Oak

"Live Oak" by Nate Duval. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Ed of 25 S/N. $40 (Art Print)

Duval Okkervil River

"Okkervil River, Athens GA" by Nate Duval. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Ed of 100 S/N. $25 (Gig Poster)

2 new prints by Harbor Coat Press

In collaboration between artists’ Emilia Brintnall and Eva Wylie, Harbor Coat Press has released 2 prints “Untitled”(24″x31.5”, Ed of 20, $75) and “Embedded Threads”(19″x19.5”, Ed of 25, $150). They are on sale now HERE.

Brintnall Untitled

"Untitled" by Emilia Brintall. 24" x 31.5" Intaglio-type print. Ed of 20. $75

Wylie Embedded Threads

"Embedded Threads" by Eva Wylie. 19" x 19.5" CMYK Intaglio-type. Ed of 25. $150

2 new prints by Jimiyo

Jimyo released a couple new prints for sale and they look great. Much like artist Florian Bertmer, Jimyo takes the “wall-of-art” approach to these prints. Both “Veritas” and “Love Cthulhu” are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have edition sizes of 77 each, and cost $35 and $30 respectively. On sale now HERE.

Jimiyo veritas

"Veritas" by Jimiyo. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Ed of 77 S/N. $35

Jimiyo Love cthulhu

"Love Cthulhu" by Jimiyo. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Ed of 77 S/N. $30