Print Giveaway Winner!

Ray G. has won our print giveaway for March 2012! Thank you all for your framed art submissions, it is great seeing everyone’s creative frame works and the stories behind them. And even more, we are glad to share them with you viewers out there. And a special thanks to the artist himself, WGBOYD, who sponsored this giveaway. He has a new print coming soon (more details on that later)!

The next print up for grabs will be announced at a later date. However we are still taking submissions for your framed art pieces, and any new submissions will be counted in the next upcoming giveaway. So keep them coming! Thanks!

Framed Art Phenomena Print Giveaway prize for March 2012:

boyd Monochrome Malaise

"Monochrome Malaise" by WGBOYD. 18" x 24" 9-color Screenprint. EA "Gift Edition" of 2

***Contest submitters are each assigned a number, and then using a random number generator at, a winner is chosen.