‘Win A Print’ Giveaway!

411posters is proud to present our next ‘Win A Print’ Giveaway. This rounds prize drawing is “Tres Colores” by KMNDZ. This poster giveaway is sponsored by the good people over at 1xRUN. This print is a 15″ x 22″ Giclee and is a Printer Proofs edition.

Entering the contest will be in the same manner as our previous contest. See details below. To all you readers out there, thanks for the framed art submissions and keep them coming! Ok, here it is! Have a nice weekend!

“Tres Colores” by KMNDZ

kmndz tres colores

"Tres Colores" by KMNDZ. 15" x 22" Giclee. Printers proof edition, signed


How to enter:

Email me a picture of your Framed Art! It’s that simple, and you’ll get to show off your prized poster/prints. For each individual framed art piece, send me two pictures of it. One shot of the whole framed art piece, and another close-up corner shot of the piece.


"Black Domina" by Sylvia Ji. Pic provided by "Furthur Frames in Denver, CO"





Also include name of the piece, and the artist it is done by. Feel free to add any comments on how, and why you framed it the way you did as well 🙂


Once I receive a pre-determined amount of submissions, I’ll make a random drawing (using random.org) and announce the winner on the main page. You can send as many pictures of your Framed Art pieces as you like (gives you a great chance to be featured in my Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena section), however keep in mind that you will be given one entry ticket per person, per contest.

Good Luck!


Kate Moss prints by Kate Garner

Photographer Kate Garner recently released special diamond dust limited editions of her iconic photos of super model Kate Moss via 5 Pieces Gallery. They are each 64.77 x 48.26cm high quality fine art prints on Somerset art paper, with a dot screen and diamond dust applied. All editions are signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 15 and offered on an escalating scale. On sale now HERE.

garner kate moss blue

"Kate Moss" by Kate Garner. 64.77 x 48.26cm Art print w/ diamond dust. Ed of 15 S/N. (Diamond Dust Blue)

garner kate moss yellow

"Kate Moss" by Kate Garner. 64.77 x 48.26cm Art print w/ diamond dust. Ed of 15 S/N. (Diamond Dust Yellow)

garner kate moss pink

"Kate Moss" by Kate Garner. 64.77 x 48.26cm Art print w/ diamond dust. Ed of 15 S/N. (Diamond Dust Pink)

My Little Pony prints by Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas created 2 “My Little Pony” prints titled, “Our Pony Christmas Tree” and “Warm Your Hooves” via Dark Hall Mansion. Each numbered Giclee print will have a (Standard Edition of 300, $65), (Variant Edition 50, $100), and (Select Canvas Edition of 15, $250). On sale Friday, December 7th at 9:30am PST HERE.

thomas DHM-MLP-Our Pony Christmas Tree

"My Little Pony -Our Pony Christmas Tree" by Steve Thomas. 18" x 24" Giclee.

thomas DHM-MLP-Warm Your Hooves

"My Little Pony -Warm Your Hooves" by Steve Thomas. 18" x 24" Giclee.

“Virgin Romance” & “Coulrophobic Clown” by Ron English

Ron English has 2 new prints available titled, “Virgin Romance” & “Coulrophobic Clown” via The Outsiders. They are both Giclee prints (w/ silkscreen gloss layer), signed/numbered editions of 50 each, and cost £375 each ($601US). On sale now HERE.

english Virgin Romance

"Virgin Romance" by Ron English. 70 x 42cm Giclee. Ed of 50 S/N. £375 ($601US)

english Coulrophobic Clown

"Coulrophobic Clown" by Ron English. 70 x 50cm Giclee. Ed of 50 S/N. £375 ($601US)