Bernie Wrightson & Steve Niles Present: “Something Spooky” @ Guzu Gallery (Online Sale)

Direct from Guzu Gallery:

“Something Spooky” is about to go down at Guzu Gallery’s official online store. Many of you have been asking when the artwork from Guzu’s current art show will go up for sale online, so here is the official announcement!

This Friday afternoon, October 25th, at around the 3pm Central (1pm PDT), remaining artwork from Bernie Wrightson & Steve Niles Present “Something Spooky” at Guzu Gallery will be available for purchase at the following link: HERE

guzu gallery New-Flesh_Reg_preview500

guzu gallery Wrightson_preview500

guzu gallery Holt_preview500

guzu gallery Hanley_preview500

guzu gallery Godmachine_preview_500

guzu gallery VXTorres_preview

“Goblin – Toronto, Canada 2013” by Miles Tsang

Miles Tsang now has “Goblin – Toronto, Canada 2013″ gig posters available. It is a 17.5″ x 24” 3-color Screenprint in Sage (Ed of 100, $30) and Sky (Ed of 10, $35) colorways.
On sale now HERE.

tsang Goblin - Toronto, Canada 2013

“Goblin – Toronto, Canada 2013″ by Miles Tsang. 17.5″ x 24” 3-color Screenprint. Sage (Ed of 100, $30) : Sky (Ed of 10, $35)

“Return of the Jedi: Episode VI” by Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels rounds out his trio on the classic Star Wars series with “Return of the Jedi: Episode VI”. Released via Dark Ink Art, it is a 12″ x 24″ Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 250, and cost $50. On sale Wednesday, October 30th at 10:30am PDT HERE.

daniels Return of the Jedi Episode VI

“Return of the Jedi: Episode VI” by Mark Daniels. 12″ x 24″ Screenprint. Ed of 250 S/N. $50

“Free Birds” by Graham Erwin

Odd City Entertainment’s latest poster is “Free Birds” by Graham Erwin. It is an 18″ x 24″ Screenprint, limited edition of 190, and cost $35. On sale Friday, October 25th sometime between 11am – 12pm Central (9am – 10am PDT) HERE.

erwin free birds

“Free Birds” by Graham Erwin. 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Ed of 190. $35

Reel FX Animation Studios, an award-winning animation studio in Dallas, TX and Santa Monica, is releasing its first feature length animated film, Free Birds (in theaters November 1). Free Birds is a buddy comedy about two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks who must put aside their differences and travel back in time to take Turkey off the Thanksgiving day menu!

Directed by veteran Pixar animator and director, Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears a Who!), and starring Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler as well as George Takei, Free Birds should be a among one of the best family animated films of this holiday season! The film’s screenplay was also written by Hayward and producer Scott Mosier (Good Will Hunting, Chasing Amy). Aron Warner (Shrek), Reel FX’s President of Animation is an Executive Producer along with John J. Strauss and David I. Stern. Free Birds is distributed by Relativity Media.

“As soon as I was contacted about creating a poster for Free Birds, I knew the project was a perfect fit for me. Projects for animated movies are always a joy to illustrate in my style, and this was no exception. I found the sci-fi and time traveling elements of the film extremely exciting, and decided that juxtaposing those themes against the warm autumn scenery would make for a unique poster that celebrated the imaginative world the film creates. In addition to the usual amount of detail I like to put into my work, I also tried out some new halftone patterns for the gradients and textures which I hope will make the final product that much more enjoyable to see in person opposed to just viewing a jpeg on screen.” – Graham Erwin ‘Poster Posse Project’ tackles Universal Pictures “47 Ronin” has been enlisting artists to unleash their creativity on a number of recent movies with great results. Their latest is Universal Pictures upcoming “47 Ronin” and a number of notable artists created some homeruns. I would like to see these made into posters! Hint hint! Check them all out here:

poster posse 47_ronin_illo_paulshipper_web

poster posse 47ronin2013

poster posse chrisskinner47ronin-1

poster posse ronin3-small

‘Clockworks 13’ (Release 4) by Joe Carr

Joe Carr just released his 4th and final set of his ‘Clockworks 13’ series of intaglio etchings. The series was released in four chapters from June through October 2013. Representing a vision of humanity and the natural world through simple automatons, clockwork robots. There are 4 new prints available. See pics below for details. On sale now HERE.

carr stars

“Stars” by Joe Carr. 13″ x 16″ Intaglio. Ed of 60 S/N. $60

carr climb

“Climb” by Joe Carr. 13″ x 16″ Intaglio. Ed of 60 S/N. $60

carr ibex

“Ibex” by Joe Carr. 16″ x 22″ Intaglio. Ed of 60 S/N. $100

carr parts

“Parts” by Joe Carr. 13″ x 16″ Intaglio. Ed of 60 S/N. $35