Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 5

Framed Art Phenomena

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Emek 10000 lakes dirkstainly

"10,000 Lakes" by Emek. Pic provided by "dirkstainly" from expressobeans.com

“As a guitar enthusiast myself, I love this piece. That coupled with the luminescent clouds and swirling waters makes this one of Emeks best piece. Matte choice and frame a natural extension of this creative classic.”




kehoe The Wandering of the Wicked solepole

"The Wandering of the Wicked" by Andy Kehoe. Pic provided by "solepole" from expressobeans.com

“Kehoe pieces all fittingly have a feeling of the Fall season. Dark frame and appropriately colored dark-orange bordered matte evokes the upcoming colored fall leaves.”




Ryden The Pumpkin President chalkdust

"The Pumpkin President" by Mark Ryden. Pic provided by "chalkdust" from expressobeans.com

“Another Fall appropriate piece by one of my absolute favorite surrealist artists, Mark Ryden. The peach, gold, and light green matte choice is a bold move that pays off well coupled with the wood framing.”

Ryden chalkdust 2




mccarthy it felt good to be lost grateful69phish

"it felt good to be lost" by Dan McCarthy. Pic provided by "grateful69phish" from expressobeans.com

“This is the jewel of my collection- my father built this frame from a tree in my once great uncles farm. My father and I have hiked hundreds of miles on the Appalachian trail together- yes… it means a lot to me. -grateful69phish”




stout The Thing desch

"The Thing" by Tyler Stout. Pic provided by "Furthur Frames in Denver, CO"

“I talked about Stout’s “The Thing” in last weeks “Posters of the Past” series, and seeing this framed in all its glory (fabric matte!) is just perfect. Framed by Furthur Frames in Denver, CO.

stout The Thing desch 2




Keyes sowers db23

"Sowers" by Josh Keyes. Pic provided by "db23" from expressobeans.com

“If you got deckled edges, then floating the piece in the frame is almost a must. The dark blue background choice is a welcome addtion.”



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