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    • Hey Billy-

      Nope, no mailing list at this time. The best way to keep track of my website is to visit the main page directly. Add me on Twitter or Facebook for updated highlights as well. Thanks for the kind words!

  1. I love the missed drop button!
    So far I’ve only used it for fun though. hahaha That’s allowed right?
    I’m hoping not to have to use it for real anytime soon. 🙂

    • The Karmic Drop Gods will see that balance is restored soon enough. jk!

      I have pressed the missed drop button so many times myself now that my neighbors probably think I’m totally nuts by now 🙂

  2. Do you have a contact email where we can send news about upcoming poster releases that you may want to cover? thanks!


  3. Hi I am trying to find where I can get Azul? by Greg Simkins or any other prints by the same artist? Please help!!!

  4. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if you have contact details for David. I ordered a print from him 2 months ago and never arrived and have heard nothing form him despite my best efforts to get in touch.

    I would appreciate any help you could offer.


  5. We’ve been making some prints the last couple of months. Would love a plug on your blog, which we follow religiously, to help kick things off. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  6. Hey Bud,
    Been following your site of a long time and really dig the wide variety of work that is on display. Thought you might like some of what we have made. If you do, we will promote you on our site. Keep of the great stuff!
    BC Print Media

  7. Hey!
    Just wanted to know if the artist of the ’99 Luft Baloons’ poster had there own site or bio like stuff, cause I was going to add it to my artist inspiration list for my HSC BOW info sheet and I need to know a little more bout them is all.

  8. Is the print for deftones Houston TX (naked girl and skeleton) either regular or rainbow foil available for purchase?

  9. Hi I have a Signed Ron English print “twas the night before Easter, pencil signed and numbered 1/10 so am I right thinking this was the second one produced after artist proof? It’s in perfect condition all edges clean and sharp never touched by bare hand.
    My question is I have looked everywhere for the last few years and I never saw another one for sale and have no idea to it’s value, can anyone help me please?

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