Email Us your Framed Art

Do you want to have your framed art featured in one of my Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena articles? If so, email me your best stuff to:

Instructions on what to send:

For each individual framed art piece, send me two pictures of it. One shot of the whole framed art piece, and another close-up corner shot of the piece.


"Black Domina" by Sylvia Ji. Pic provided by "Furthur Frames in Denver, CO"

Also include name of the piece, and the artist it is done by. Feel free to add any comments on how, and why you framed it the way you did as well 🙂
In addition, if you got multiple “art rooms”, or “wall-of-art” kind of setups, send those too!

***As a bonus for your submissions, you will be entered into a contest to win a poster/print! For more details, check HERE

Happy Framing!


5 thoughts on “Email Us your Framed Art

  1. I will be emailing some framed art soon. But for now I need to be added to your website to receive announcements of art releases. Thanks,


    • Hey Jeff! Great to hear from you and I look forward to seeing some framed art from you. Right now I don’t have any mailing list. The best way to keep up to date on art releases is to check the main page of this website regularly, and also keep an eye on the ‘Quick Hits’ section for upcoming releases! thanks for reading!

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