Weekend Features: “Lifted” by Josh Keyes

Posters from the Past

Keyes could have have easily been a science textbook artist and excelled greatly in that aspect. However, his artistic drive and sense to express himself creatively has lead him to make some real signature work. Work that instantly leaves an impression on the viewer. A sign of good art. Keyes work offers a commentary on the modern world as we know it, and how nature is affected by it. All of his pieces are represented in “sections”, which can possibly be interpreted as the common way that we as modern mankind often get to view nature nowdays. In “sections”, and most likely on your flat-screen TV.
In January 16th, 2010, Keyes had a gallery opening titled “Fragment” at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Along with many original art pieces, there was a print released in very limited quanties titled “Lifted”. In the artists words himself:

“..dealing with extremes of emotion has always been a real core to my work. ..underneath there is a real, deep therapeutic aspect. In many of these pieces with the water, that is depression. In Lifted in particular, obviously with global warming we are in this deep depression that we have to get out of; everyone is affected in some way. For myself, when I feel that bad, there are two ways to go. One way you don’t want to go in. But I think the other way is to be lifted out of that, and for me the eagle represents Lisa [Josh Keyes’s wife] because she has picked me out of dark places many times. I have emphasized the talons because it hurts like hell to be lifted out of depression. But I think what most people read is a sense of tragedy and a sense of anxiety, and I don’t need to say it is about an emotional condition.”- Josh Keyes


“Lifted” is a 24″ x 32″ Giclee, has an edition size of only 50, and originally cost $395. Very few have been sold in the secondary market, making this a very coveted piece commanding at least an estimated price of $1300+ nowdays.

"Lifted" by Josh Keyes. 24" x 32" Giclee. Ed of 50. Original price $395

“Never Never Give Up” by Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash is releasing a new art print next week titled “Never Never Give Up”. It is a large 26″ x 50″ Screenprint, hand finished in various colors. There will be 5 different colors available of varying edition sizes, each costing $350. It goes on sale Tuesday August 30th @12pm PST HERE.

Post sale info: This item went on sale at 12pm PST, and after some intial server loading issues, soldout in a few minutes.

"Never Never Give Up" by Mr. Brainwash. 26" x 50" Screenprint w/hand-finished colors. $350

New prints by Crosshair

Just how Crosshair manages to make such photo-realistic screenprinting is quite remarkable. Their images of old houses and abandoned warehouses impart a lonely stillness reminiscent of todays slow economy. Crosshair has released a number of new prints and can be purchased HERE.

"415 North Kedzie" by Crosshair. 17.5" x 23". Ed of 100. $50

"Cranes #1" by Crosshair. 12.5" x 19". Ed of 235. $35

“Public Enemy” by Chris Shaw

A Public Enemy gigposter. What else needs more to be said? Chris Shaw worked with Chuck Sperry on this one, and what you get is a piece that is reminiscent of the days when albums like “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” were on the forefront of a burgeoning new genre styled hip-hop/rap. Those were the days. This poster is a 18″ x 28″ screenprint, has an edition size of 145, and is $40. There are also 3 variants editons available in various quantities and cost. On sale now HERE.

"Public Enemy" by Chris Shaw. 18" x 28" Screenprint. Ed of 145. $40