“Soundgarden – Oakland, CA 2013” by Chris Shaw

Soundgarden’s 2nd gig poster of a two-night stand in Oakland is created by Chris Shaw. It is a 20″ x 33″ 6-color Screenprint and is a signed/numbered edition of 250.
On sale Monday, February 18th at a random time HERE.

shaw Soundgarden - Oakland, CA 2013

“Soundgarden – Oakland, CA 2013″ by Chris Shaw. 20″ x 33” 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 250 S/N.

I was thrilled to do this poster. I love Soundgar­den, its a local show, and bet­ter, it meant I got to work with my good pal Chuck Sperry printin’ at Hangar 18. This is the sec­ond of a pair of posters for Soundgarden’s Oak­land shows at the Fox on the 12th and 13th of Feb. The first poster is a beauty by Chuck that can be seen at www.chucksperry.net

Chuck and I decided on some col­lab­o­ra­tion to make the 2 posters a loose pair – though an odd pair they may be. After decid­ing on a size, color for­mat, and a gen­eral theme riff­ing on Soundgarden’s “King Ani­mal” album title, we both sim­ply did our thing.

My poster’s image is The Madonna of the Squid. Mod­ern Icons are a theme I’ve worked with for a long time, mainly with paint­ings, but occa­sion­ally they make it onto rock posters as well. I con­ceived a Giant Squid incor­po­rated into a clas­sic ortho­dox Madonna. Chuck was work­ing with ideas about power, priv­i­lege and State. My image is about the many ten­ta­cles of the Church. Church & State. Its not intended to be a dark piece or brash polit­i­cal state­ment, but, like most of my work there’s some under­ly­ing metaphors. I won’t get into it deeply here, how­ever, I will say that I don’t par­tic­u­larly like squids and sea mon­sters, yet they fas­ci­nate me.

The screen­print siz­zles with 6 col­ors, includ­ing gold and sil­ver, cre­at­ing some killer metal­lic color effects. I also used a trans­par­ent black ink for the black plate which brings out some deep tones and tex­tures with the under­ly­ing ink lay­ers. Many of the metal­lic tex­tures and mez­zot­ints were cre­ated by hand with wax on old-school blue­line, the piece has a real ana­log feel. A big thanks to Chuck for his exper­tise and alchemy to make this print look great. -Chris Shaw

“Pearl Jam, Olso Norway 2012” by Chuck Sperry x Chris Shaw

Chuck Sperry x Chris Shaw have collaborated to make the “Pearl Jam, Olso Norway 2012″ gig poster. It is a 22″ x 33” 5-color Screenprint, signed/numbered artist edition of 200, and goes on sale Monday, July 16th at a random time HERE.

sperry shaw Pearl Jam, Olso Norway 2012

"Pearl Jam, Olso Norway 2012" by Chuck Sperry x Chris Shaw. 22" x 33" 5-color Screenprint. Artist edition of 200 S/N.

sperry shaw Pearl Jam, Olso Norway 2012 1

“Public Enemy” by Chris Shaw

A Public Enemy gigposter. What else needs more to be said? Chris Shaw worked with Chuck Sperry on this one, and what you get is a piece that is reminiscent of the days when albums like “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” were on the forefront of a burgeoning new genre styled hip-hop/rap. Those were the days. This poster is a 18″ x 28″ screenprint, has an edition size of 145, and is $40. There are also 3 variants editons available in various quantities and cost. On sale now HERE.

"Public Enemy" by Chris Shaw. 18" x 28" Screenprint. Ed of 145. $40