“Lie 3,4,& 5” by Aelhra

Controversy and conspiracy are common themes in Aelhra’s “LIE” series. This new upcoming trio of prints are no exception. LIE 3,4, & 5 will be sold as a set and come in either a regular set ($60) or a hand-deckled ($90) set. All signed and numbered screenprints measure 18″ X 24″ with the regular set having an edition size of 30, and the hand-deckled an edition size of 10. These go on sale on Thursday, August 25 at 5pm PST HERE. Image is NSFW, click on image below to view all 3 prints. Lone gunman or multiple shooter hmmmm???

"Lie 3,4,& 5" by Aelhra. 18" X 24" Screenprint. Regular Edition of 50 ($60) / Hand-deckled Edition of 10 ($90)

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