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Overworked? Underpayed? Dead-end job and an overbearing boss? How about living the lifestyle not unlike that of a worker drone-bee enslaved into a lifelong sentence of mental anguish. Or maybe you just missed your daily morning cup of coffee. Regardless, these astonishing set of prints by Zach Johnsen can really strike a chord with the modern day office worker. Originally released in June 6th, 2011, these two set of prints were based off of works originally done for his first international solo show titled “Acid Over Easy” at the Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. As best described by the artist himself:

“Acid Over Easy is a world of 9 to 5ers in moments of pure revelation. It is a real estate agent confronted by spirits that just became visible. It is hidden energies that tug at the back of the neck. It is psychadelic purple drink in the water cooler. It is sudden moments of inspiration. It is the catalyst that makes time stand still for a moment. It is getting in touch with nature for the first time. It is the realization that the monotonous routines of day to day living isn’t all there is to experience.. that there is so much power within ourselves and all around us just waiting for us to notice….” -Zach Johnsen





These two prints titled “Martini & Rossi” and “Grenadine” are both 20″ x 22″ Giclees, each with an editon size of 50. They can be bought as a set for $165, or for $90 individually. They are on sale now HERE. Hang these up on your office wall and in those ever prevalent moments at work that can potentially end in chaos and frustration, take a step back and take a sip on that purple drink…

"Martini & Rossi" by Zach Johnsen. 20" x 32" Giclee. Ed of 50. $90

"Grenadine" by Zach Johnsen. 20" x 32" Giclee. Ed of 50. $90

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