Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 1

Framed Art Phenomena

When choosing the correct frame for your art piece, it’s almost a joint collaboration with the artist itself. The artists work is like the naked soul and the frame/matte is like the outer clothing. The wrong frame, and the piece can suffer. But when everything is done well, the results can often be like an epiphany…

Handiedan piece. Pic provided by "spen640" on expressobeans.com

“Handiedans depictions of old style Cabernet Girls set in rustic Victorian Glamour perfectly complements this gold-flecked antique frame. Great job.”




"Black Domina" by Sylvia Ji. Pic provided by "Furthur Frames in Denver, CO"

“The framers over at Furthur Frames in Denver, CO are truly a framing Jedi Masters. As seen in this Ji piece, they choose the perfect matte colors and the perfect styled frame. The art piece and the frame are as one.”





"Hard Times" by Kenny Random. Pic provided by "misterx" at expressobeans.com

“Sometimes simple is just better. In this case a simple white frame suits this piece the best. It doesn’t clutter up the art work and keeps the focus on Snoopy, poor lil dog.”





"Ghost Ships" by Daniel Danger. Pic provided by "amisch" from expressobeans.com

“Another example of when simple=better. Close up shows the nice wood material used which adds to the dark wooden ship imagery of this Danger piece.”

Gallery 1988: Garbage Pail Kids Prints

Gallery 1988 @Melrose, CA had the opening of their Garbage Pail Kids show tonight. What they did was they got a whole bunch of artists together and did a reinterpretation of many of your old time favorite Garbage Pail Kids when you were young. The results are very interesting. Sometime Saturday, prints from the show will be made available to you online. Keep a lookout and check HERE.

Updated info: Prints are on sale online now HERE

“The Dark Side” by Simon C

For minimal art to be done well, it needs to have a sense of wit to it. “The Dark Side” by Simon C does just that. I didn’t notice it upon first looking at it, but with a second look I got that “ah-ha!” moment. Take a look! This print can be ordered in many different sizes and options (framed, canvas). You can even get it as a hoodie or a tshirt and have random people point at you and say “ah-ha!” as you walk past them. Check HERE for more details and ordering options.

"The Dark Side" by Simon C

“Miss Universe” by John Doe

I think this is my favorite of the week. John Doe is set to release a new print today titled “Miss Universe”. Endearing print. There are two versions, a regular (Ed of 150, £65.00 $105US), and a multi-colored (Ed of 25, £95.00 $153US) version. Both are 360 x 1024mm 2 colour hand-pulled screen print (metallic silver/gloss white) on black Plike 240gsm paper, and the multi-colored version has its planets hand painted. They go on sale Friday September 2nd, at 4pm BST (8am PST) HERE.

"Miss Universe" by John Doe. 360 x 1024mm Screenprint. Ed of 150 S/N. £65.00 ($105US)

"Miss Universe" by John Doe. 360 x 1024mm Screenprint. Ed of 25 S/N. £95 ($153US) multi-colored