Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 1

Framed Art Phenomena

When choosing the correct frame for your art piece, it’s almost a joint collaboration with the artist itself. The artists work is like the naked soul and the frame/matte is like the outer clothing. The wrong frame, and the piece can suffer. But when everything is done well, the results can often be like an epiphany…

Handiedan piece. Pic provided by "spen640" on expressobeans.com

“Handiedans depictions of old style Cabernet Girls set in rustic Victorian Glamour perfectly complements this gold-flecked antique frame. Great job.”




"Black Domina" by Sylvia Ji. Pic provided by "Furthur Frames in Denver, CO"

“The framers over at Furthur Frames in Denver, CO are truly a framing Jedi Masters. As seen in this Ji piece, they choose the perfect matte colors and the perfect styled frame. The art piece and the frame are as one.”





"Hard Times" by Kenny Random. Pic provided by "misterx" at expressobeans.com

“Sometimes simple is just better. In this case a simple white frame suits this piece the best. It doesn’t clutter up the art work and keeps the focus on Snoopy, poor lil dog.”





"Ghost Ships" by Daniel Danger. Pic provided by "amisch" from expressobeans.com

“Another example of when simple=better. Close up shows the nice wood material used which adds to the dark wooden ship imagery of this Danger piece.”

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