First Look: “Warmer Air” by Jeremy Geddes

As reported straight from his Blog:

“Warmer Air” by Jeremy Geddes

“This is a small and fast (for me) painting, measuring at 37 * 58 cm. It doesn’t have the detail of my large paintings due to it’s size, but I think the brushwork at the micro level is perhaps some of the best I’ve done.

It is also one of the last cosmonaut paintings I’m planning on producing, although future work should be evolution of those themes, rather than a radical departure.”

geddes warmer air

"Warmer Air" by Jeremy Geddes. 37 x 58 cm timed release print.

“Given so many people missed out on the last few prints, we’ll be making this one available as a timed release, and as a mini print (similar in size to the Cluster Study), with the price as low as possible. It should mean that anyone who is interested in a cosmonaut print will be able to to grab this one.

We’ll post further details here soon. But as always, if you’d like to receive an email with all the details a couple of days before the release (so you don’t miss out) then please email us at” -Jeremy Geddes

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