“Humanity” by Chuck Sperry

In the ever approaching 10th year anniversary of 9/11, signs of peace, civility, and humanity should always reign over the brute terror that occurred on 9-11-2001. However no one should ever forget what happened…

This print goes on sale Friday September 9th @The Vortex. 2341 E. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90021

"Humanity" by Chuck Sperry. 22" x 33" Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N.

“My favorite revolutionary political posters are from the Cuban Golden Age of political graphics from the late 1960′s and early 1970′s. There is a colorful fusion of psychedelia and political message. I did this poster in the spirit of clear, bold, direct communication.

I wanted to communicate the “visible” world and the “hidden” world that everything in objective reality depends on. Like the world of “ideas” and the world of “objects.” Or the world of spirit and the world of life. The individual struggle and the human struggle.

It’s a sort of yin yang idea….

There’s this greater submerged “underground” reality – it is larger – breaks over the bounds of the poster. It could represent spirit or humanity. The above ground living flower is represented as transitory (it is losing petals in the wind) – but it’s roots go down from the heart to the heart of the submerged reality – where it is fed – and eternal.

The hard part was to show something this complicated in a simple and pleasing graphic.”- Chuck Sperry

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