Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 2

Framed Art Phenomena

When choosing the correct frame for your art piece, it’s almost a joint collaboration with the artist itself. The artists work is like the naked soul and the frame/matte is like the outer clothing. The wrong frame, and the piece can suffer. But when everything is done well, the results can often be like an epiphany…

"Frankie" by Tom Bagshaw. Pic provided by "asoli" from expressobeans.com

“An antique looking frame works really well with the hushed portrait styles of Bagshaw”




"Trolley Hunters" by Banksy. Pic provided by "charlesdemar" from expressobeans.com

“I love the way Banksy always manages to capture relevant social criticisms, and blends them with his sardonic wit. This stripped down black and white image is very powerful in meaning, and needs no other embellishing frame surrounding it. Nicely done.”




"Saint Jeremiah" by Jeremy Geddes. Pic provided by "spen640" from expressobeans.com

“The way a Geddes painting looks just like a photograph is remarkable. Framing this piece in a simple, “hang it in your office” frame is just right.”




"Summer Lady" by Chuck Sperry. Pic provided by "Furthur Frames in Denver, CO"

“Chuck Sperry’s Summer Lady poster for the Widespread Panic tour is the Gig Poster of 2011 IMO. This is framed by the master framers over at Furthur Frames in Denver, CO. And they always get it right.”




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