Weekend Features: Prints by Tom Bagshaw

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An illustrator based in Bath, England, Tom Bagshaw creates figurative works of surreal dreamscapes and elegant women who reign supreme. The sometimes dark and allegorical scenes taking place in these landscapes, from the fashionable dresses to the occasional creepy elements in Bagshaw’s paintings are often balanced out with quirky or humorous details which are charming for the viewer to discover. While feminine beauty plays a large role in his work, the women he depicts are never frail damsels in distress. More often than not they are strong, intriguing characters, with an air of mystery to them.

It always amazes me on the sheer amount of talent and creativity that is expressed in this world that we live in. There is almost so much that often there lurks gems just waiting to be found and corralled. Tom Bagshaw’s works is a shining example of surreal pieces of elegant art that is waiting to be owned and framed with an ornate black frame in your office/home. It’s interesting to note that like Audrey Kawasaki’s women, all of Tom Bagshaw’s women are the same person, just placed in different scenarios.

Tom Bagshaw’s pieces can be bought in a couple of internet sites HERE and HERE.

Bagshaw Hito-Dama

"Hito-Dama" by Tom Bagshaw. 410 x 560 mm Giclee. Ed of 50 S/N. £120.00 ($190US)

"Reliquary" by Tom Bagshaw. 355 x 475 mm Giclee. Ed of 50 S/N. £120.00 ($190US)

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