“Fall Fling” and “Beautiful Dreamer” by Aelhra

Aelhra will be releasing 2 prints this week. One is “Fall Fling” which is available in either hand-deckled ($30) or regular ($20) variants. He is also selling a watercolor version of his “Beautiful Dreamer” piece, in which each one is unique and will cost $50. They go on sale Thursday, October 27th at 5pm PDT HERE.

Image is NSFW, click on image to see full image.

aelhra fall fling crop

"Fall Fling" by Aelhra. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Hand-deckled edition of 10, $30 or Regular edition of 30, $20

Aelhra Beautiful Dreamer watercolor

"Beautiful Dreamer" by Aelhra. 18" X 24" Hand-painted on watercolor paper. $50

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