Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 6

Framed Art Phenomena

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

soto natures splendor inkedup

"Natures Splendor" by Jeff Soto. Pic provided by "inkedup" from expressobeans.com

“This color coordinated and perfectly squared Soto piece makes for a nice display.”




emek cyberman thethirdeye

"Cyberman" by Emek. Pic provided by "thethirdeye" from expressobeans.com

“Seeing this immense piece by Emek (steel version!) framed is just too cool. The owner accomplished this all with a cheap Aaron Brothers frame too! A lesson to learned here for sure.”

emek cyberman thethirdeye 2




bannon axe to fall bpizzle

"Axe to Fall" by Jacob Bannon. Pic provided by "bpizzle" from expressobeans.com

“This dark and beautiful Bannon is tempered with gold. Love the results.”




Mr brainwash juxtapose justin c

"Juxtapose" by Mr. Brainwash. Pic provided by Justin C.

“I met Mr. Brainwash last weekend by random. He was kind, humble, and very cool. This piece livens up any white walls with a splash of colors.”




faile fight vanity hungryone

"Fight Vanity" by Faile. Pic provided by "hungryone" from expressobeans.com

“Floated piece, black-frame, and black-background really makes the light blue color sit so well in the background of this Faile piece.”

faile fight vanity hungryone 2




kawasaki two sisters thethirdeye

"Two Sisters" by Audrey Kawasaki. Pic provided by "thethirdeye" from expressobeans.com

“This is one of my favorite Kawasaki pieces and once I acquire this for myself, I’m going frame it just like this. Thanks for the idea! ;)”



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