“Pearl Jam, Sao Paulo Brazil 2” by Ames Bros

Pearl Jams 2nd night gig poster in Sao Paulo, Brazil is done by the Ames Bros. The image is very fitting as it is of Pele, a Brazilian soccer legend. Stay tuned for online sale info…

ames pearl jam sao paulo brazil

"Pearl Jam, Sao Paulo Brazil 2" by Ames Bros.

2 thoughts on ““Pearl Jam, Sao Paulo Brazil 2” by Ames Bros

    • Nope. Sorry! This poster was sold through Ames Bros. website and sold out pretty quick at http://amesbrosshop.com/. Do a keyword search of “Pearl Jam Ames Bros” on ebay.com and surprisingly you can pick up one of these for a decent price on the aftermarket. good luck!

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