“Wound Up & Let Down” by Eelus

Eelus has a new set of prints for release this week titled “Wound Up & Let Down”. It is a 450 x 650mm 3-color Screenprint available in 4 different variations.
Two standard colors versions, each with an edition of 30 and cost £150 ($234US) each. And a special edition of each color variation using hand applied 24ct gold leaf with an edition of 5 each, and cost £300 ($468US) each. If you buy both standard color editions, you get 10% off your order, but this offer does not apply to the special edition.
On sale Tuesday, December 6th at 2pm GMT (6am PST) HERE.

eelus wound up and let down

"Wound Up & Let Down" by Eelus. 450 x 650mm Screenprint. Standard edition of 30, £150 each ($234US). Special edition of 5, £300 each ($468US).

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