John Baizley Variant editions

John Baizley has a huge variety of variant editions of his art prints available now via Burlesque. In any flavor you like and in varying prices from $80-$250 depending on rarity. Check them out all on sale now HERE.

baizley black tust orange pop

"Black Tusk" by John Baizley. 22" x 22" 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 9 S/N. $80 (Orangefizz)

baizley harrow and the harvest berrylicious

"Harrow and the Harvest" by John Baizley. 22" x 22" 4-color Screenprint. Ed of 10 S/N. $80 (Berrylicious)

baizley phantom limb yellow

"Phantom Limb" by John Baizley. 18" x 35" 8-color Screenprint. Ed of 200 S/N. $80 (Yellow)

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