Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 19

Framed Art Phenomena

I’m afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning. -Andy Warhol


Geddes cluster kurt f

"Cluster" by Jeremy Geddes. Pic provided by Kurt F.

“It’s always great seeing newly released prints framed up so quickly. Ahead of the pack, Kurt F. frames up this Geddes piece so nicely. Love that thin dark red trim mat. Take note “Cluster” owners! (Not me :()”

Geddes cluster kurt f 2




emek widespread panic nicole p

"Widespread Panic, Chicago IL 2011" by Emek. Pic provided by Nicole P.

“Nicole P. is the framing manager at Hobby Lobby in Florence, SC and these are some of her frame ups. I really like her interpretations of these posters. Regarding the Taylor poster: “This one is special to me because my boyfriend bought it for me before he tried to be my boyfriend….clever fellow 😉 A fancier frame than I would normally choose, but the print dictated the framing. I also wouldn’t normally consider using a brushed gold as the top mat but it went perfectly with the metallics in the print. -Nicole P.”

emek widespread panic nicole p 2

taylor phish nicole p

"Phish, Columbia MD 2011" by Ken Taylor. Pic provided by Nicole P.

taylor phish nicole p 2




moss totoro karl s

"Totoro" by Olly Moss. Pic provided by Karl S.

“This Moss frame up is absolute framing perfection. What else needs to be said? It’s PERFECT. Karl on this piece: It was a challenging piece to frame, with some colours that are difficult to complement and not clash all the way around. I went with “Raspberry Fizz” for the inner mat, which really brought the bottom type out and matched the range of pinks & purples. The larger purple outer mat has a subtle cloth texture. The frame itself is a concave matte brushed nickel with a slight yellow tone that works well with similar tones in the print. Overall it’s a pretty contemporary look and I can’t imagine any other options for this print. I’m in love! -Karl S.”

moss totoro karl s 2
moss totoro karl s 3




everett Dragonfly timothy v

"Dragonfly" by Michael Everett. Pic provided by Timothy V.

“Black frame, gold bead rabbet, two acid free mats (brown faux leather over black green core), all backed by acid free foam core, and covered with UV glass. Mats were selected to complement the print’s background and highlight the dragonfly’s green body. The gold bead rabbet matches the dragonfly’s eyes. This was a present for my wife. -Timothy V.”

everett Dragonfly timothy v 2




kawasaki saying goodbye david g

"Saying Goodbye" by Audrey Kawasaki. Pic provided by David G.

“By now you may have noticed that I repeat some of the same prints from past articles. However, this points out that each frame up of the same piece is intepreted different with equally great results. Proof that the final framing job does add to the art. Regarding this piece: The charcoal black/brown wood and the subtle orange-brown lining the edge matches the colors in the print very well. It’s simple enough not to overload the details but ornate enough to add some flavor to the piece. We tried different mat colors but kept going back to white. -David G.”

kawasaki saying goodbye david g 2




stout kill bill sterlingben

"Kill Bill" by Tyler Stout. Pic provided by "sterlingben" from expressobeans.com

“I consider this frame up to be somewhat ambitious, however it’s times that taking risks is where the payoff really is. A bold yellow frame is at times risky, however in this case it works so well in emphasizing the main character of this movie, The Bride.”

stout kill bill sterlingben 2


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 19

  1. Nice! Kill Bill- Bravo! I did my Cluster with an ivory matte (maybe picking up Monday!!). I guess I’ll have to wait and see- ecause this one is making me second guess myself! Pix to come!

  2. Very nice job on that Geddes frame up. =)

    And I’ve been meaning to buy the variant version of that Moss Totoro for so long but it is a pretty pricey piece.

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