“Special Order 937” by N.E. (New Flesh)

N.E. (New Flesh) will have his excellent “Special Order 937″ posters available later on this week. It is an 18″ x 24” Screenprint, with a Regular run of 75 (silver metallic & green tinted gray) and Variant run of 15 (gold metallic & green tinted gray). Note, that the Variant has sold out to the subscription holders. Cost is $25 for the regular.
On sale Friday, June 1st at 10am CST (8am PDT) HERE.

ne Special Order 937

"Special Order 937" by N.E. 18" x 24" Screenprint w/ silver metallics. Ed of 70 S/N. $25

ne Special Order 937 variant

"Special Order 937" by N.E. 18" x 24" Screenprint w/ gold metallics. Ed of 15 S/N. (Variant)

“The concept behind Special Order 937 was to capture the sense of the unknown in space. I find the shear volume of emptiness in space to be overwhelming. Now apply that to a planets surface that is very chaotic and atmospheric with only the safety given to you by your space suit. I wanted to express this with mostly negative space. The texture gives a sense of depth and movement while the clean lines of the space suits give the impression of isolation in the midst of chaos.” -N.E (New Flesh)

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