New prints by Anouk Mercier

In conjunction with Anouk Mercier’s solo-show Excursus, Antlers Gallery are pleased to be releasing three new Limited Edition Prints. For the duration of the show (ends on Sunday 29 July) the prints will be available at a special introductory offer with up to 40% off the standard price. Prices for prints start at £30-60. See pics below for details. Pre-order now HERE.

Mercier Untitled(Landscape No7)

"Untitled(Landscape No7)" by Anouk Mercier. 59 x 51cm Giclee. Ed of 25 S/N.

Mercier Déliadore

"Déliadore" by Anouk Mercier. 39 x 50cm Giclee. Ed of 25 S/N.

Mercier Three Peaks Rising

"Three Peaks Rising" by Anouk Mercier. 25 x 17.5cm Giclee. Ed of 50 S/N.


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