“The Thing” by Drew Struzan

Over at movies.com, they unveiled the poster that will be available at the Alamo Drafthouse ‘Summer of 82‘ screening of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” this Friday, June 22nd. And it is non other than Drew Struzan’s classic image of “The Thing”. Co-hosted by movies.com, they interviewed Struzan and can be found HERE.

“The Thing” is a 26″ x 38″ Screenprint, signed/numbered, with a regular edition of 440 ($250), and GID Variant edition of 150 ($350). These will be available to the people lucky enough to get tickets for this, and any remaining prints will be available online via Mondo at a later date. Stay tuned…

struzan the thing

"The Thing" by Drew Struzan. 26" x 38" Screenprint. Regular edition of 440 S/N. $250 : GID Variant edition of 150 S/N. $350

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