Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 25

Framed Art Phenomena

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. -John F. Kennedy


geddes a perfect vacuum corey v

"A Perfect Vacuum" by Jeremy Geddes. Pic provided by Corey V.

geddes a perfect vacuum corey v 1

“After Corey V. sent me these pics of his Geddes APV frame up, it instantly became one of my favorites for this image. I really like the understated classy design on the frame with copper highlights making it a perfect compliment to the colors of this piece. Framed by Allison Condra at The Frame Up, Goleta, CA.”

geddes Cosmonaut IV corey v

"Cosmonaut IV" by Jeremy Geddes. Pic provided by Corey V.

geddes Cosmonaut IV corey v 1

“Cosmonaut IV is a frame up of the album cover for the Skylar Gray album, An Inch Equals 200 Miles. Geddes on the cheap! Very cool.”




rogers kozik eddie vedder erin a

"Eddie Vedder, NYC 2011" by Jermaine Rogers/Frank Kozik. Pic provided by Erin A.

“The teal frame really brings out the blue in the sky and on the shirts of the animals. The venue, the Beacon Theater, is right across the street from the world renowned Museum of Natural History, which is why I think there is a Panda and a Rabbit reading a Field Guide about Apes. Super cute! -Erin A.”

rogers kozik eddie vedder erin a 1




millard earth day trees matt a

"Earth Day Trees" by Ian Millard. Pic provided by Matt A.

“Diptych pieces are always fun to frame up and this piece by Millard is done well. No mat is used for image continuity, however spacers are used in these cases so the piece does not come in direct contact with the glass. The wood silver color of the frame works well with the metallics of this image and its cool that you can still see the wood grain of the frame.”

millard earth day trees matt a 1




donwood radiohead co 2012 furthur frames

"Radiohead, Broomfield CO 2012" by Stanley Donwood. Pic provided by Furthur Frames

“The frame up here done by Furthur Frames in Denver, CO straight up electrifies the image. Such a clean job, however look closely, there are 4 mats here!”




horkey return of the king juanbobo808

"Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" by Aaron Horkey. Pic provided by "juanbobo808" from expressobeans.com

“This stunning frame up of Horkey’s masterpiece motivates me to seek out this print in the secondary market just so I can copy this and put it on my walls too 🙂 Horkey’s signature web-like and flowing linework is mirrored in the pattern of this frame. Excellente!”

horkey return of the king juanbobo808 2





"Whispered Truths and a Long-Awaited Ascension" by Melissa Forman. Pic provided by Allan K.

“This beautiful Forman OG painting gets the museum treatment. So nice. How Allan K. came upon this piece is pretty cool: “I had the print edition, but an AC repairmen dumped his equipment on it, ripping it down the middle –(note to self: don’t leave prize prints out in the open. ever.) On a whim, I contacted Roq La Rue, who mentioned that it just so happened the OG was just available (previous owners wife didn’t like it!!). Dude, that’s fate. -Allan K.”



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