“Sun Like a Ruby” by Amy Sol

Amy Sol will have a new print available early next year titled, “Sun Like a Ruby”. It is a 32″ x 13″ Giclee, signed/numbered edition of 100, and cost $75.
On sale Saturday, January 5th at 2pm PST HERE.

sol Sun Like a Ruby

"Sun Like a Ruby" by Amy Sol. 32" x 13" Giclee. Ed of 100 S/N. $75

One thought on ““Sun Like a Ruby” by Amy Sol

  1. My daughter and I love all of Amy Sol’s work. My daughter Raegan is only 8 but truly appreciates the art of Amy Sol. Her favorite is “flame spirit”. We bond as mother daughter while researching history and viewing many pieces of Amy’s work. Raegan teaches herself how to draw different characters all the time which is another reason she loves Amy’s work, we love the fact that Amy is self taught as well. Thank you Amy Sol.

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