“Partisan” by Shepard Fairey x Gary Baseman

Last week, half the editions of “Partisan” sold out at Gary Baseman’s Skirball show. The remaining 200 prints will be available through Shepard’s website. It is an 18″ x 24″ Screenprint, signed/numbered (by both artists) of 400, and cost $70.
On sale Thursday, May 2nd at a random time between 10am and 12pm PDT HERE.

fairey baseman partisan

“Partisan” by Shepard Fairey x Gary Baseman. 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Ed of 400 S/N (by both artists). $70

I was very happy that the 200 “Partisan” prints available at Gary Baseman’s Skirball show sold out. I was unhappy to hear that some people commented that the poster contradicted my anti-assault rifle “God Saves and Satan Invests” print. The “Partisan” print is based on a photo of Gary’s father who escaped murder by the Nazi’s in Poland to join up with Russian paratroopers as a partisan. The print is about celebrating Gary’s family history and his father’s courage, not that he was forced to take up arms to survive. The circumstances in the case of Gary’s father are not comparable to Americans craving assault weapons in peacetime. -Shepard Fairey

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