“Jonesy” from New Flesh

A new print from New Flesh is available now titled, “Jonesy”. It is a 3-color Screenprint w/ metallic ink, signed/numbered edition of 60, and cost $45. On sale now HERE.

new flesh jonesy

“Jonesy” from New Flesh. 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 60 S/N. $45

The tale of Jonesy:
The commercial towing vessel, Nostromo, was a Lockmart CM 88B M-Class star-freighter owned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Its mission was to haul a large refinery from the resource-rich planet, Thedus, in the Outer Rim Territories to Earth. Upon their return to Earth, the crew of the Nostromo found themselves prematurely awakened due to an intercepted distress beacon by the Nostromo’s on-board computer, MU-TH-UR (called “MOTHER” by the crew).

Their fate was sealed, as they landed on the planetoid LV-426 and brought on board a deadly creature unknown to the crew, and humanity. After an exhaustive effort to exterminate this alien (xenomorph), there were only two survivors able to make their way to the escape pod Narcissus; one of which was a ginger tomcat, lovingly known as “Jonesy.”

After his return to Earth 57 years later, the known history of Jonesy ends. Is the legend of Jonesy over?

Where is Jonesy? Jonesy sightings.

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