Ltd. Art Gallery Presents: Whoa…Gnarly – a 90s Art Show

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a 90s Art Show

May 2nd, 2014 – June 15th 2014.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 2nd 7pm – 11pm

***Online sale on Monday, May 5th at a random time HERE.

It was a decade of new beginnings and flashy shirts. Keanues ruled the oceans and Fresh Princes ruled the land. The Truth was Out There to be discovered by plaid ridden youth. Girl you know it’s true.

This collection of over 30 artists want to believe. Join us to celebrate favorite pop culture moments from the 90’s!

Featuring the art of:
Gregory Attonito, Mike Bell, Barry Blankenship, Robert Bruno, Craig Church, Mona Collentine, Nick Comporone, Maxime Crouzet, Laurel Dodge, Jaymee Donelson, Leslie Gauthier, Lauren Gregg, Stephen Hayford, Blain Hefner, Andy Helms, Jim Horwat, Suzanne Kaufman, Nan Lawson, Jason Liwag, Dev Madan, Vikram Madan, Karin Madan, Jason Middelton, Mikeatron, Melissa Monosmith, Mike Oncley, Vlad Rodriguez, Dennis Salvatier, John Seuferling, Kevin Jay Stanton, Derek Sullivan, Karl Tangle, Emiliz Tolibas, Rich Werner, Dan White, Shanti Wintergate, Seth Wolfson, and Ken Wong

Sneak Peak:

ltd Douglas Firs Andy Helms Twin Peaks

ltd Gremlins 2 The New Batch Maxime Crouzet

ltd whoa gnarly pulp

ltd Stephen Hayford Pearl Jam Rock Show

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